Montezuma Harbor was established in the 60's near the site of Belden's Landing.  Belden's Landing is now a county park with a launch ramp, adjacent to the Grizzly Island Bridge, 5 miles from Suisun.  Montezuma Harbor has 600 feet of dock space for rent by the month.

The Montezuma Slough has a good supply of stripers, sturgeon, catfish and salmon, without all the crowds.  Grizzly Island has large numbers of migratory waterfowl and a herd of Tule Elk.  Other spots on the Montezuma are great for wakeboarding, waterskiing and tubing, with long stretches of slough protected from the wind.  Springtime brings cormorants, herons and egrets to find nesting sites in the eucalyptus groves along the slough to raise their chicks and give you lots of photo ops.

To the west you can quickly access Grizzly Bay and the Mothball Fleet, Benicia and Carquinez Straights to San Pablo Bay.  Southeast is access to Collinsville, Sherman Island, the Central Delta, and the Sacramento River.

The Harbor is located in the heart of the Suisun Marsh.  The Suisun Marsh (116,000 acres) is the largest brackish marsh on the west coast of the United States of America. The marsh land is part of the San Francisco Bay tidal estuary, and subject to tidal ebb and flood. The marsh is home to many species of birds and other wildlife.

Another public part of the marsh is Grizzly Island Wildlife Area, managed primarily for waterfowl, although over 230 species of birds have been seen here as well as many mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and fish. Grizzly Island has an unusually dense population of river otters, which can be seen swimming in its numerous sloughs, ponds, and roadside ditches. In the fall, the Grizzly Island Wildlife Area herd of tule elk breeds. The bugling of bull elk can be heard especially in the early morning and evening.  Access to certain areas of the Wildlife Area is limited during the first nine days of pheasant hunting season around November, and on Wednesdays and Saturdays during the waterfowl hunting season from October through January.

Montezuma Harbor provides mooring for several duck clubs in the Suisun Marsh. Duck hunters can also dock at the Harbor for access to the prime waterfowl hunting area near Joice Island.

Another opportunity for exploration is the Rush Ranch, just a few miles from Montezuma Harbor.  Rush Ranch is a 2070 acre remnant tidal marsh preserve within Suisun Marsh that was acquired for wildlife habitat and public access to the marsh by the Solano Land Trust.

Montezuma Harbor is located 5 miles from Suisun/Fairfield on Grizzly Island Road.  Fairfield and Suisun City have many events during the spring and summer, including the Tomato Festival, Friday night music in Suisun, farmers markets and stands, restaurants, Jelly Belly, and local  wineries.

Fairfield/Suisun is located mid-way between San Francisco and Sacramento on I-80.  Highway 12 links Rio Vista to Suisun, providing easy access from the central valley.